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About Scottminer

Scottminer is one of the leading cloud mining platforms, offering various ranges of cloud mining capabilities to newbies. Our mission is to make it easy and fast for everyone to earn and grow your income.


Ultimate performance at low cost

World Wide Service

Servicing over 2000 customers from 100+ countries

Multiple cryptocurrencies

We offer over 10 mineable cryptocurrencies.



Choose your plans and increase your mining speed and make more coins!

Free DOGE Miner HS3

$7.00 /120 Day


XMR Miner X5(Hashrate120)

$35.00 /1 Day


XMR Miner X5(Hashrate212)

$87.00 /3 Day


XMR Miner X5(Hashrate326)

$197.00 /3 Day


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Frequently Ask Questions

Here you can find our top frequently asked questions. Please let us know if you have any queries regarding our mining platform and FAQs.

Scott Miner is a leading crypto investment firm founded in UK in 2021. Our website and mobile cloud mining platform are trusted by millions of users worldwide, offering the most efficient way to earn bitcoin. As a regulated mining company, we share our computing resources to generate cryptocurrency cloud mining without the need for you to purchase expensive mining equipment or GPUs. Our process is easy and accessible to everyone, and our customers trust us based on our proven track record of delivering daily income with complete transparency.

Scott Miner is a legal and secure cryptocurrency cloud mining platform that allows you to generate regular income with a small investment. Scott Miner has a team of certified professionals in various fields including cryptocurrency mining, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency finance, and security. To ensure the security of your data, we use EV SSL encryption, which guarantees that your data is well encrypted and will not be shared with any third party. Additionally, our dedicated servers are protected against DDoS attacks, ensuring you can access our services anytime, anywhere. As a cloud mining company built on good principles, legality and safety are the minimum guarantees.

On this platform, customers can choose different mining machine package plans to earn profits. Once the payment is confirmed, Scott Miner will provide computing power to the mining pool, and the mining pool will directly transfer the income to the customer account. Scott Miner will be responsible for providing computing power to the mining pool according to the needs of customers, which means that they do not need to purchase mining machines themselves. Scott Miner has the world's largest mining pool and the most advanced miner management team. It promises to provide customers with secure and consistent cloud computing services.

Our Special Features

We are combining all the key aspects of conducting an efficient cryptocurrency mining activity. From building a highly efficient data center to providing a robust mining system for our users.


As we run our business in 100+ countries we have a multilingual feature in your system.

Easy Payment System

We have 20+ payment methods in our system. You can easily complete your payment.

Daily Mining Output

Our system will automatically add your daily mining results to your account. Also, you are able to withdraw that amount.


Secure And Private

We support cryptocurrency that promote privacy, so we try to keep user data collected to a minimum and will only require information.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our system dashboard contains all your cryptocurrency mining data and charts.

Robust Mining Technology

For each of the blockchain algorithms that we have proposed, we are providing some of the highest performance mining systems available.

Our Special Services

We provide the best services to our miners, be connected with us, and get profited.

24/7 Support

We are ready to answer all your questions and advise you 24/7. Feel free to reach us anytime.

Instant Connect

Our team of experts always available and feels happy to help you. Please mail if you have issue

Easy Withdrawal

Our withdrawal process takes only 24 hours. We are highly transparent about transactions.

Detailed Statistics

We make detailed statistics of your transaction, also you will get all the mining logs.

Cloud Mining

We provide the best cloud mining service and give rewards to our miners on a daily basis.

Data Protection

We constantly work on improving our system and the level of our security to minimize any risks.

What people says about us

A huge number of people trust us and here are the words of some of them.

Mr. Kamal

I received my withdrawal from this company in less than 4 hours. A really good start. Now I can refer it to people

Jonathon Smith

I have worked with this platform and got good feedback. I recommend this site to all people. Really trustworthy.

Matthias Van Den Eede
Qui quo excepteur ni

The connection recommended by my good friend Jack is currently generating stable income, and I look forward to better packages from the platform.

Paolo Brignardello
Qui quis qui sed est

The cloud mining platform shared by my sister in Europe has been used for more than 3 months and is now a source of family income.

Aspernatur quos amet
Rerum excepteur volu

I have worked with this platform and got good feedback. I recommend this site to all people. Really trustworthy.

Natasha Deloge

I saw a video ad from YouTube and participated in a small purchase in the early stage. I have been using it for a few months and I also shared it with my friends on Twitter.

office workers

I am from the Czech Republic and have some knowledge about the mining industry itself, but using Scott miner will make it easier for us.

Jones Chloe

I saw the article they shared from crypto news and thought this was an opportunity. After 4 months, I did earn some ETH, so I support scott.

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